Thursday, January 23, 2014


Mosaiculture is a cool new gardening trend in which artists and horticulturists create beautiful sculptures using a variety of plants. First, a frame is built from chicken wire or netting and filled with soil. Next, plants are arranged on the frame according to their color and texture, creating abstract or lifelike designs.  The following images are just a few examples from the mosaiculture display featured at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this past year. Many of them are quite large but don't let that deter you from experimenting with your own designs. After all, Chia Pets are a very simple form of mosaiculture, and one could get quite creative with mosses, catnip or wheat grass, and miniature cacti. I am thinking of trying my hand at mosaiculture this spring by creating an oversized mushroom or toadstool. It will be a few months before it gets warm enough out, but winter is a time for planning, so I can dream ;)
Let me know if you have tried mosaiculture at home and how it has worked for you; I'd love to hear it!