Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Owls in Spring (Better Late Than Never!)

In the spring, around February/March we have Barred Owls that nest somewhere in or backyard. I was doing really badly at the time (pre-surgery) and seeing these little guys really cheered me up. They leave the nest before they can fly and I was able to capture one sitting on a branch just a few feet above my head.

Summer in the Garden

Hello friends! I want to share some lovely pictures with you today! I have been away having surgery on my spine to fix the discs in my neck; it has been quite a journey for me. I had surgery in May and I am still not right but I am improving. In spite of all this I still managed to get out into the garden and throw a few seeds down and keep things watered, but the weeding and tending not so much! Things have just gone as they wish. Hope you enjoy the pics!

 Zinnias and sunflowers have been my favorite summer flowers here in Georgia since I started my garden. They grow so well from seed and attract so many birds, butterflies and other insects. I would definitely recommend them for anyone in the south looking to feed the birds without investing in seed and feeders that just get destroyed by the squirrels anyway!

These little Goldfinches love the sunflowers; they are so light the stems barely bend under their weight. Unfortunately they are very jumpy- I had to hide behind a trash can for quite a while to get this pic!

This is a little princess doll I made for my neighbor to thank her for bringing me meals during my recovery. I copied the basic design from a tutorial in Prims Magazine by Candace Wirth and tweaked it a little to make it unique. I love making gifts for people much more than keeping them for myself.