Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vintage Record Wall Decor

Vintage album covers make great wall art, especially for a kid's room, where you might not want to invest a lot in catering to ever changing tastes. At under $5 each at most thrift stores and frames going for around $10 each, why not bring the kids along and let them make their own selections? Many album covers from the 60's and 70's feature beautiful artwork- here are a few examples from my collection:

When shopping for the rest of the house, you might like to choose a theme for your albums, such as movie soundtracks or Broadway musicals:

It doesn't matter if the albums themselves are in good shape or if you like the music or content itself (but if you do that's even better), just look for covers that inspire you and fit with your overall color scheme and/or decorating style. Here are a few more fun theme ideas: Girls with guitars, guys with beards, musical genres, nature sounds or images, fitness albums or books read by the author; get creative, the options are endless!

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