Friday, September 7, 2012


Well, summer is drawing to a close and the days are getting cooler, so I've had a chance to get back in to the garden! It was so humid in August and the mosquito's were so bad I didn't touch my garden all month. Needless to say, it got full of weeds and eaten by bugs; here are a few hangers on gobbling up the last of the parsley:

  What is that spiky, mean looking guy in the background?! Anyway, I finally got around to clearing everything out and I planted some broccoli, kale, and collards for fall:
 Mr. Fatty Toad was hiding in the thyme; I relocated him and he wasn't too happy!

While I was neglecting my garden I stayed busy making this little Autumn fairy, her name is Lobelia:

I think she has the perfect personality to bring in the fall season; she is made from paper clay, silk, wool yarn, stone beads, muslin, freshwater clam shells, feathers and nutmeg. How are you celebrating the coming of Autumn?

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  1. Here summer is still in full swing, but the light is changing and that is how we know fall is on it's way.