Monday, April 16, 2012

The Georgia Renaissance Festival

Faeries and Dragons and Elves, oh my!!
I had a blast at the Renaissance Festival this year, some of the costumes were really creative and the food was better than expected. Apparently the turkey legs are a right of passage (this was my first time going to the festival), but the line was too long so I got corn fritters instead. I didn't take many pictures of the booths but if you are looking for anything fantasy related-costumes, masks, jewelry, tapestries, etc.-you are sure to find it there. For me, people watching was the main attraction:

         Watch out for these guys!
                                                                        Making Corsets

That's me!
                                              I snuck a picture of this guy sneeking pictures!

                                                          Now that's commitment!
                                                                   Dragon Swing
                                                       Princesses in line for refreshments.
                                                                      She caught me!

                                          Her hair was past her bum and it was real! Lovely.

             Great attention to detail on this family, except I don't think the bottled water was accurate.
                                                                Glass blowing tools.
                                                         Glass blowing demonstration.
                                                                       Worn out!
                                                           Lady pirate paraphernalia.

                                                              Green man, my favorite!

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  1. These pictures are great:) I can't get over how awesome your photography is! i need to get a camera like this! email me with the info please. :) You look fantastic.I love the bangs on you. the Ga renn fairs were always good. looks pretty crowded. I went to the one in Tampa it was ok.