Friday, October 21, 2011


It is my understanding that turtles bury themselves in dirt or mud in the winter to prevent themselves from freezing. Their metabolism slows down and they absorb oxygen through their skin. It has gotten cold here in Georgia very quickly- just 3 days ago the temperature was in the 70's; but last night there was a freeze warning.
This morning on my path I came across this turtle- yes, he is alive, but there was a big icicle on his nose and his limbs were out of his shell. I guess the cold crept up on him last night.

As the frost started to melt, it left lovely sparkling dewdrops on this tiny feather:

And on this clover:
Drexel seemed confused by me taking pictures of the ground; I guess he just wanted to be included:
Even though he tried to act bashful:
Cutie Pie!

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